Best Lawyer: Outstanding Young Lawyer Award

Maret 21, 2011

The Young Lawyers Section each year honors a young lawyer who has rendered outstanding service to both the community and legal profession. The Outstanding Young Lawyer Award recognizes an attorney who has actively practiced less than 10 years, and has a distinguished record of commitment to the finest traditions of the Bar through public service and professional activities.

2010 Joseph M. Hanna, Buffalo
A graduate of the University at Buffalo and University at Buffalo Law School, Hanna has devoted considerable time to increasing diversity efforts in Buffalo, which has been ranked among the 10 most segregated cities in the U.S. He chairs Goldberg Segalla’s diversity taskforce and organizes and chairs “Success in the City,” a diversity networking event that brings together business leaders, politicians, and members of minority bar associations to celebrate the successes and importance of diversity in Buffalo’s developing community. Hanna also founded and serves as the president of Bunkers in Baghdad, Inc., a Buffalo-based non-profit that collects and ships new and used golf balls, clubs and other equipment to U.S. soldiers serving in combat zones. Bunkers also distributes equipment to injured veterans to aid in their rehabilitation. Hanna is also a frequent speaker on diversity issues and has written more than 50 articles and chapters in national and state publications ranging from diversity in the law to sports and entertainment law.



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